About Canna Company

Every joint you consume is our sweat and joy of making this an astounding experience for you.

About us

Canna Company is a leading cannabis company New Mexico residents can rely upon to purchase high-quality cannabis products. Ever since our founding, we’ve been focused on being a trustworthy, premium-quality, and cost-effective source of cannabis products for clients. Our team is comprised of highly talented, passionate, and friendly experts with decades of combined experience in the industry.

Unlike many competitors in the cannabis industry, the Canna Company cultivates and manufactures all of its cannabis products. This gives us a level of oversight and control missing throughout most of the industry. This is how we're able to maintain such a high level of quality and consistency throughout all our products, ensuring our clients always receive the very best.

Our Mission

We’re excited about cannabis and the benefits it can bring to the world both in terms of medicinal and recreational uses. However, we understand just how difficult it is to navigate this relatively new market for people. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer professional-grade indoor flowers and premium edibles New Mexico residents can purchase at affordable prices while receiving friendly and professional advice from our knowledgable team. We strive to meet this goal through everything we do and everything we offer. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make your cannabis-shopping experience even better.